February 08, 2006


What with my medial ligament issue last December, Phil's fractures and Warren's medial and ACL mashup, ski injury and how to avoid it is on my mind again right now.

I hadn't realised until today that there's a whole site devoted to the subject; www.ski-injury.com though, of course, I should have realised that there would be at least one...

Once I got over reading the Knee Injuries page about how common the minor knee injury that I sustained last December is and how lucky I was it wasn't one of the other, more nasty, ones. I found a page about a simple binding check that you can do each morning to make sure your gear hasn't got it in for you... Sounds sensible, I'll give it a go in Colorado...

The major change I made after I fixed my "spontaneous falling over" problem last season was to stop trying to immediately dig the skis in and bounce back up onto my feet. Now, when on something nice and safe but maybe steep, I simply try to keep my skis up and out of the way and just enjoy the slide. I twanged my medial when the ski nearest the ground caught an edge as the pitch of the slope that I was sliding on my butt on changed to something less steep; the ski stopped, my knee didn't. From the blurb on the injury site it seems that trying to fight the fall or spring back up is often the cause of more serious damage...

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Posted by Len at February 8, 2006 07:44 PM | Categories: General
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