February 07, 2006

Something to try next time we're on telemark

There's an interesting article over on the British Ski School site about how skiing alpine style on free heel equipment can benefit your alpine skiing as it forces you to get it right all the time rather than allowing the equipment to hold you up when you get it wrong. This matches with my experience from the last couple of weeks. When skiing back home on telemark gear with tired legs it's easier to keep your heels down and ski relatively normally. At first I felt the need to 'force' my heels down which naturally puts you in the back seat a bit and tends to be more tiring that doing tele turns... Eventually I realised that if I just stood as I knew I should be standing on alpine kit then the pressure was right, the heels naturally stayed down and I was in a nicely balanced posture. It does feel a little like skiing without a safety net though, and it's "interesting" if the snow conditions are variable and there are patches of sticky spring snow mixed in with faster stuff...

So, next time I'm on telemark gear I might try and be a bit more adventurous in using my alpine skiing techniques... The worst that could happen is that I eat snow...

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Posted by Len at February 7, 2006 08:33 AM | Categories: General
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