December 18, 2005

Present ideas for skiers - Suunto S6 Ski watch

Continuing the Christmas present ideas theme, here's a gift idea for skiers and snowboarders who like gadgets. The Suunto S6 ski watch provides tools to analyse your ski day. I got one of these for my birthday last year and used it through the remainder of the season; you can see the things I wrote about it during the season by following this link.

The watch itself is good but the PC software that comes with it could be better; I'm a computer programmer so I'm quite critical of software quality. The software with the S6 works, but could be better. The one gripe I have with the watch is that you really need to remember to set the reference altitude each day as otherwise changes in pressure affect the altitudes that are reported; there's no real way around this manual step without including a GPS in the device... This isn't really such a problem, you just need to get in the habit of setting the watch when you get out of your first lift of the day.

I mainly used the ski run and descent tracking functionality but the race timing stuff is pretty good too. We used the watch when we did our day of ski touring and the chart of the day (shown here) provided a nice memory of the day's journey. I often compared the runs and vertical descent from day to day and, all in all, found the watch to be a good gadget and worthwhile toy :)

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Posted by Len at December 18, 2005 03:13 PM | Categories: Gear
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