December 09, 2005

Present ideas for skiers - Icebreaker "Skin 200" Merino Wool undergarments

It's that time of year again and I thought I'd post a few present ideas for those of you who have skiers to buy for.

First on the list are any of the Icebreaker "Skin 200" Merino wool undergarment range. We both got given serveral of the zip neck and crew neck long sleeved tops for Christmas last year and we wore them in preference to all of our other ski tops for the whole season.

They're great. They're light weight, warm, soft and comfortable against the skin and wick the sweat away so well that they stay fresh for many days continual use. Since they're so thin you can stash one in a ziplock bag to keep it dry and warm and stick it in your pack in case you get cold. We regularly wore two of these tops at the same time on the coldest days, they layer really well and since they're so light and thin they take up hardly any space if you need to shed one due to overheating. I found that a mix of the zip and the crew neck worked really well together.

These are ideal for when you need to travel light as they wick so well we often managed to get three or four days out of one before needing to wash it! Ideal for touring and pretty useful for cutting down on the luggage for a normal weeks holiday...

Highly recommended!

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Posted by Len at December 9, 2005 09:36 PM | Categories: Gear
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