November 17, 2005

Higher Ground

Last night we went to see Warren Miller's new movie, Higher Ground at a special screening at the Vue cinema in London's Leicester Square.

Higher Ground is a pretty standard ski movie. Lots of amazing locations; Alaska, Tahoe, Chamonix, Courchevel, etc. Lots of amazing 'all mountain' skiers skiing inspiring lines in untracked powder, jumping off anything that doesn't move, and dropping down narrow, rock, strewn gulleys. Lots of heli skiing (that has to figure in a plan for a future season...) and lots of great music.

Usually this is the kind of stuff that will be playing on the big screen in a bar in a ski resort and it was actually quite unusual to sit in a cinema and watch it as a normal film :) Good though. I found myself analysing the various skiers styles and looking at how they ride and where their weight is, etc. The film had an intermission, (remember those?) where one of the sponsors came on and threw freebies into the crowd and gave out prizes as he pulled our ticket stubs out of a bag. Miche very nearly won the top prize, two tickets were pulled and then the crowd voted on which would be the winner. Miche won a biro, she could have had a new Treo Palm Pilot Phone thing... Ah well.

We met up with Phil and Tracey (who we skied with in Avoriaz last season) and some of their other ski friends for some food, the film and some beer. It was a good evening and the film got everyone in the mood for the coming season.

Special thanks to Phil for organising it and getting the tickets!

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Posted by Len at November 17, 2005 10:48 AM | Categories: General

Looking white at last, hope it continues!From the webcam it looks as if snow making is happening near chez nous.Going out 30/11 will give you my Fr. mob. # if you wish for Jan by e-mail.
Regards, Keith.

Posted by: Keith at November 23, 2005 11:01 AM
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