October 10, 2005

Snow Patrol

Just watched the first episode of Snow Patrol on Discovery Living and Travel. It's program that follows four all mountain, freestyle, skiers for a season in Europe. The guys are based in Serre Chevalier and this week two of them did some early season all mountain shredding at L'Alpe d'Huez and the others played around on the rails in the snow park and did the typical ski bum supermarket shop and curry.

It's interesting to see the differences in style between the four, they've all got balls (the mad, cliff jumping, 10' kicker kind of balls) but technically they're all quite different skiers which makes it a little more interesting to watch than the all mountain competitions where everyone is just superb in their own way. One of them was wearing a camera that looked pretty similar to my helmet mounted bullet-cam; he had the camera mounted slightly differently to me (high on the helmet looking down and centre rather than level on the right) and seemed to get some pretty good shots from it.

Next week they're off to Avoriaz for another 30 mins of chatter, ski bum life, powder, jumps and jibbing...

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Posted by Len at October 10, 2005 09:36 PM | Categories: General
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