October 08, 2005

What are your goals for this season?

The temperatures are dropping and pretty soon snow will start to fall. It's seems like time to start thinking about what I want to get out of this season's skiing. In previous years we've already had our first skiing of the season before October, skiing with Warren Smith in Saas Fee in September. This year the dates of Warren's courses didn't work out and, well, we'd already skied 85 days since Jan 1 2005 so we thought we could do with a bit of a rest...

Right now we have 2 weeks planned in Megève in late January, a possible trip to Colorado in early March and the intention to do a few weekends with Ski Weekend in Chamonix around the other trips.

My main goal for this season is to make my steep and deep skiing more dynamic. Last season worked well for improving all of my skiing but one element that remained noticeably lacking was how I handle stuff that's a bit steeper than I'm comfortable with. What I tend to do is that I hype myself up to commit to the first turn and then end up static and locked in where I should be dynamic. This results in me ending up in a single very fast moving, very large, "super tanker" turn rather than a series of controlled smaller turns. I analysed this problem back in March after some off piste skiing with Lucy on Cote 2000. What I need to do this season is take the faster feet that I developed whilst practicing on the bumps in La Clusaz into the steeper terrain so that I descent with more control.

What are your goals for this season?

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Posted by Len at October 8, 2005 02:29 PM | Categories: General
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