April 30, 2005

Carwash Karma

We're going to Annecy today to meet up with one of Miche's friends from her university days. It's a glorious day and somehow a dirty car looks worse in the summer sun so we decided to use the jetwash when we filled up with fuel. There was someone already using the wash when we got there so we parked up near the wash and waited...

Just as the guy was about to finish a Frenchman drove up and positioned his car on the opposite side of the wash, ready to reverse into the wash as soon as the other guy finished; the typical European queuing style. When the guy managed to pull out of the wash I was ready for the Frenchman's move and managed to get into the wash ahead of him.

By the time I'd finished there was someone else waiting for the wash, he'd pulled into the spot that I'd been in. I pulled out and, deciding not to thread my way through the fuel pumps, I sat behind the Frenchman until he pulled forward to let me out. He slapped his car into reverse before I was completely clear and I stopped as he almost hit me and then jumped out as he pulled forward to try again. He hadn't touched the car but I made a thing of inspecting for damage and he jumped out to shrug off my implied complaint... Meanwhile the other guy had pulled into the wash... I love it when a plan comes together ;)

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Posted by Len at April 30, 2005 01:07 PM | Categories: General
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