April 07, 2005


A day off today; we figured that we'd need it after the two days of telemark lessons and we have guests arriving tonight so we needed to clean up the appartment a bit. As it happens our legs are fine to ski today but the chores needed doing and it's raining and we didn't get up until midday... I guess we must be getting used to the rigours of telemark.

We're going to look for some adjustable length poles this afternoon, what with randonnée needing longer than normal and telemark needing shorter than normal and touring on telemark needing poles that are both longer than normal for the way up and shorter than normal for the way down... I'm currently trying to avoid buying anything else, the end of season sales are on but I'm pretty sure that I don't need either of the nice soft shell jackets I've seen, and we should probably do without telemark boots of our own for now.

After the shopping we're going to a dinner party at Lucy's place and then we have 3 days of skiing with our guests. I expect we'll keep our heels down for these guests as Stuart will most likely be interested in any challenging reds or blacks that we can find and that's where our telemark skills depart and leave us struggling. There's snow forecast for tonight and over the weekend, who knows if it will actually arrive. The freezing level is due to be below village level on Saturday and the forecast suggests that we might get 30cms or so at altitude... Fingers crossed. Either way we'll most probably head off to Les Saisies tomorrow, Les Contamines on Saturday as it's changeover day for the tour operators and it will likely be quieter (if Les Saisies got any quieter we'd be the only people there), and Cote 2000 on Sunday.

Next week we may finally have a snowboard lesson or two and then Miche's mum is coming out for a last minute sneaky week skiing before the end of the season; I dunno where she gets it from ;)

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Posted by Len at April 7, 2005 04:28 PM | Categories: General
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