April 03, 2005

A final burger at Chez Luc

The Princess bubble closes today and the restaurant that's at the halfway stage of the bubble, La Chalet des Princesse (Chez Luc) also closes. Since we've decided that this is the best place on the mountain to get home made burgers (even better than at L'Alpette) we bubbled up there today for Sunday lunch with Lucy.

No skiing today. We figured that we should take some time off to rest the legs from yesterday's Randonnée effort. It looked like the Princesse black was the only run left open down to the restaurant and everything below there was very green. The black looked much harder than it had been earlier in the season due to the fact that it was now only about two cat tracks wide in most places.

We all had a nice relaxing lunch on the terrace until around 4.00 when we bubbled home and Lucy had to rush off to get changed for a quick Randonnée back up to Igloo to return her borrowed kit and have dinner.


Miche at Chez Luc this lunch time.

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Posted by Len at April 3, 2005 06:11 PM | Categories: General , Season 1 - Photo Album
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