April 01, 2005

Day off

We figured that we wouldn't ski all the way through until Monday and that Saturday would be less busy in Les Contamines and that we'd likely ski there then, so we took today off.

We didn't do a great deal in the morning except laze around and read until we eventually decided to call Lucy to see what she was up to and to update her on Miche's mum's plans for a sneaky trip out here before the end of the season. Lucy suggested Randonnée (ski touring) for tomorrow so we had to drag ourselves out of bed to go and hire the required gear.

After the gear hire was sorted and we did some shopping we walked into town for a drink and a pizza. The town is deserted now that Easter has finished and the snow is departing and it was no problem getting a table on the deck at Pallas. We sat there supping our drinks until the sun dropped below the mountains at around 7ish and the chill descended. We popped inside for one more and then headed off to Le Patio for pizza.

On the way to the restaurant we saw a hockey game on the ice rink; I decided that this game would be called "mini hockey" for the reason that's obvious from the pictures below.



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Posted by Len at April 1, 2005 07:08 PM | Categories: General , Season 1 - Photo Album
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