March 18, 2005

15'C in Megève

We left the slopes at around 14.30 and it was 15'C in town as we drove through, not good :(

Down in the Sallanches it was 22'C and in the valley on the way to Geneva it peaked at 24'C. Most of the snow by the roads is gone down in Combloux and everywhere is going green and coming back to life. We're not ready for spring yet but the weather forecast shows this kind of weather and hotter over the next six days...

We picked Mark and Michelle up at Geneva, they're staying with us until Tuesday and if they're really lucky the snow might last that long... I guess one of the problems with lower resorts is that once the spring comes the snow goes pretty fast.

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Posted by Len at March 18, 2005 06:23 PM | Categories: Gear
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