March 08, 2005

Flying High and Laying Low

After a fabulous morning skiing fresh powder and making fresh tracks on Fontaine on Friday, I spent the next 3 "ski" days in bed sick. Bummer.

As Len said, I was literally whooping my way down the Mountain on Friday. The snow on the first run down Fontaine was perfect - light powder, deep enough to get that amazing "floating" feeling, but not deep enough to make it difficult (or more difficult anyway). On the first run down, we had a quick re-group just after the top section of the run, but then I skied the rest in one go. Even though my legs were starting to burn half way down (probably because I was sitting back a little more than I should have been, but hey) there was no way I was going to stop before the bottom - I went sailing past Len, who had stopped to wait for me, shouting "Yeah, Baby, Yeah!" (think Austin Powers) and continued on down to the lift - I just couldn't help myself!! Luckily there were not too many people around to hear me....

On the way up on the Petite Fontaine lift, we were all picking out our tracks in the snow and admiring them. There was no question that we were not going to ski the run at least a couple more times, and the next couple of runs were also great. By the time we had done that, the run was pretty tracked out, so there wasn't much powder left to get that floating feeling on. But it was worth it and we were glad we had got out of bed a bit earlier to get there before most other people. Arriving 45mins later would have made a big difference - i.e. we would have missed the untracked powder.

As for the next 3 ski days, including today, I haven't managed to get out of my pyjamas.... a nasty stomach bug had kept me within the confines of the apartment (mostly in bed or in the bathroom!!) which hasn't been much fun. Len has stayed in with me the last 2 days and we have watched a lot of Angel on DVD (the laptop is good for watching DVDs in bed!) but has gone out for a few runs today (probably to avoid cabin fever). Hopefully I will be back in skis tomorrow.

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Posted by Miche at March 8, 2005 03:09 PM | Categories: General
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