March 06, 2005

Miche sick and Angel

I got up at 7.00 this morning and showered and was a little disapointed to see that the "significant snow" certainly hadn't showed up at apartment level. That made it a little easier to take the fact that when Miche woke up she felt awful and we decided to take today as another rest day.

We had more chores to do but we didn't really get around to them until after lunch. Miche slept a lot this morning and seems to be feeling better now; she had some odd tummy bug thing. I did the first "recreational programming" since I've been here, which was a pleasant change and I now have some material for a couple of blog postings back on my 'real life' blog over at Yesterday I did a little bit of work for one of my consultancy clients and that led me off on a train of thought that I explored today.

Most of the day that wasn't spent either asleep or coding was spent watching Angel season 5. We finished Firefly a few weeks ago and were in need of a Joss Whedon fix and we'd picked up the latest season when we were back in the UK. Looks good so far. I guess we'll get around to watching the two seasons of The West Wing and the three seasons of 24 at some point... So much to do, so little time...

There was a little snow today but nothing to speak of really. We're hoping to do the early thing tomorrow so I guess I should get to bed.

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Posted by Len at March 6, 2005 10:25 PM | Categories: General
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