March 05, 2005

To the airport and back

We dropped Helena and Brian at Geneva this morning for their flight back to London. From there they're connecting to a flight to Dublin where they're staying for one night before heading home to Florida. The week was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to next year's "home game" for them when, hopefully, we all ski together in Colorado.

There was a little fresh snow this morning but not enough to slow the roads down. The traffic to the airport was good right up until Helena said that the traffic was good, at which point we began a slow crawl up the slip road to the airport. After 20 mins of crawling and lane hopping we finally managed to cut around a few cars and get out of the jam and we finally got to the airport with about 10 mins to spare.

On the way back to Megève the traffic heading to Geneva looked awful. There were long queues at the border in both directions and crawling traffic for several miles on the A40 heading towards Geneva. There were also pretty bad queues at each of the toll stations on the A40 and I think that we were very lucky to have managed to make the journey in a reasonable time and get them to their flight. If we had left 30mins later we'd have been stuffed even if there hadn't been a problem on the airport slip road.

Once back home we shopped and did some of the chores, the idea is that we'll ski tomorrow. There's significant snow due tonight so we're hoping for an early start.

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Posted by Len at March 5, 2005 02:23 PM | Categories: General
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