February 19, 2005

Ski Tech

We were originally planning to ski today and rest tomorrow, it's probably quieter out there today as it's change-over day... However, a week of getting up at 7.30 (ish) made us decide to stay in bed today and take our rest day today. The latest plan is to ski early and short tomorrow and Monday and attempt to avoid the worst of the crowds... So today I did all the little ski tech jobs that I'd been meaning to do for a while now, and I actually used my wax iron...

First on my list of jobs was shortening some poles for Miche. She decided that her poles were too long about a week ago and then realised that my poles were shorter than hers so she skied with them for a week. I've been meaning to shorten my other set of poles for her and did one last week and hadn't got around to doing the other one so I did that today. My other poles were way too long for me; I'd got them when I was first starting to ski very steep stuff and I felt I needed a longer pole to help me commit to the turns on steep slopes (go figure) anyway, after a while I realised that these poles were far too long for me and switched back to my other ones. I cut 4" off of the poles for Miche, this brings them down to the length of my current ski poles and, according to the books, is about the right length for Miche. Luckilly I'd brought a hammer and a hack saw with me so it wasn't too hard to shorten them. They are carbon poles but they seemed to cut just fine with a hack saw.

Next on the list was sharpening the edges on Miche's skis; again... When I first did our edges I had been learning the tools as I went and I thought I'd probably been a bit heavy handed with my skis and so went a bit easy on Miche's; my skis are still nice and sharp and hers barely took anything off of my nail when I tested them so I figure I didn't quite do enough on hers last time. So, out with the ski vice and files etc and I had another go.

Finally I got my wax iron out, read up about it and waxed the old pair of Axendos for practice. Hot waxing is prety easy to do, doesn't take very long and the results look and feel just like after getting them done at the shop... Next time my skis need a wax I'll try a hot wax rather than just a spray job and see what they're like.

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Posted by Len at February 19, 2005 04:30 PM | Categories: General
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