February 09, 2005

The yellow snow of Mont d'Arbois

The Mont d'Arbois area has a bit of a problem at present. It seems that most of the mountain restaurants get their water from a natural source and that has dried up a bit. The result is that most of the public toilets on the mountain are closed. There are toilets at the bottom but that doesn't really help when you're at the top and don't want to face the queue to come back up in the bubble... They had this problem earlier in the season and it only lasted for a couple of days and, to be honest, the toilets weren't actually closed last time they only had signs up saying that they were... Today they were closed and whilst I could find an out of the way tree Miche declared that the whole situation was piss poor!

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Posted by Len at February 9, 2005 07:21 PM | Categories: General
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