February 07, 2005

Make your own Saturday

Monday morning? I think I'll stay in bed...

We were both feeling in need of a day off so we unset the alarm and slept until we woke, then slept some more and then lazed around. We've skied quite a lot recently and my body needed a rest. So today was a lazy Saturday for us. We popped into town, did some internet stuff uisng the free WIFI at the tourist office, bought a paper and then went to the supermarket.

Note to self; don't go to the Casino supermarket down at the roundabout at 17.10 on a Monday evening. It was packed out and a complete nightmare. We should have done the shopping at 15.00 and the internet etc after...

After the shopping was done we popped up to see Lucy as she had a problem with her new broadband installation and she wanted me to take a look at it. Seems to me that there's something wrong with the ADSL line itself as the rest of the hardware seems to be functional. The setup that comes with a France Telecom broadband connection is quite neat. You get a combined ADSL modem, with WIFI and ethernet ports, which includes a VOIP connection and a TV over IP connection (these are extra optional services). The box comes fully locked down with WAP keys preinstalled and MAC address lockdown so that only the supplied USB WIFI dongle can connect. The supplied disk configures the PC and sets it up so you can connect and then you can relax the security as you like. Pity the box believes that there isn't an ADSL line connected...

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Posted by Len at February 7, 2005 11:10 PM | Categories: General
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