February 03, 2005

Day off

I dropped Maria and Milky at the bus station this morning and then came back to the apartment. We're having a day off today; the deal was, if there wasn't new powder we'd stay home. My body could do with a rest and one of Miche's knees is aching a little... Our current plan for the day is to tidy up a bit then collect our skis from Duvillard's where they're being serviced, do a little shopping, check out the tourist office wifi and then collect Miche's brother, Chris, from Geneva; he's here for a long weekend. Tomorrow I expect we'll be out for first lifts and skiing until last lifts and then next week we hope to have some more lessons with Lucy.

We've been here a whole calendar month now. It's gone pretty quickly, I'm glad we have three more ahead of us. We've skied more than I expected to; before we left, Miche was pretty keen on taking days off, what we've actually done is ski some short days rather than not ski at all. I'm pleased with how my technique is improving, I think I've pretty much debugged the issues that I was having last week and now things are moving in the right direction - I'm more balanced and stable than ever before and the new skis work well in all conditions. Miche has had a bit of a powder breakthrough and her skiing has improved and she's skiing much faster than before.

There are still a lot of things on the list of things to do before the end of the season, I haven't done any boarding or telemarking yet but there's plenty of time. I'm starting to think of this as our "first" season... ;)

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Posted by Len at February 3, 2005 01:00 PM | Categories: General
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