January 27, 2005


Given yesterday's edge issues and Miche's ongoing left ski problems and the fact that one of our books suggested that the problem she was having could be a canting issue we decided to check the alignment of her legs this morning... Miche has had a fair amount of trouble in the past due to the fact that she needs quite serious orthotic footbeds in her ski boots to prevent her ankles collapsing in and because one of her legs is longer than the other (and her pelvis is twisted...) - you can't see any of this without x-rays and measuring tapes so it's not quite as freaky as it sounds. Anyway...

After she'd had her latest set of orthotics made at Profeet they put her on a pressure plate that displayed where her weight was being distributed through her feet and adjusted the canting on her boots to move the weight off of the outside edges of her feet. This meant that both her left and right boots were set so that the ankle cuff was angled slightly out which moves the knee towards the outside of the toes. This kind of adjustment can change the angle that the boot and ski meet the ground, alters how your weight is distributed and adjusts for the fact that not everyone's body fits the ideal that the boot designer was working from. Our book suggested that the way to test that the canting is correct was to use a plumb line from the centre of the knee and that the line should hang down to slightly inside the centre line of the boot; i.e. the knee should central above the toes or fractionally inside.

We didn't have a plumb line with us, one tool I didn't bring, but we made do with the transformer for a battery charger; one of the big plug on a cable types. We held the cable centrally on her knee and let the transformer hang just above the boot. The right boot was great, the left had the knee significantly outside the toes - to be honest, the left knee was far enough over that you didn't really need the plumb line to see it. I adjusted the canting on the left boot to bring the cuff back to centre and checked the knee again. This time the knee was in the correct place...

We then checked my canting, also applied by Profeet for the same reason, and it was fine, so no bad equipment excuses for me, it's just my technique that sucks ;).

Now we just need to ski and see if it helps or hinders - I'm taking the appropriate tools so that I can put he canting back to how it was on the slope if the change has made things worse...

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Posted by Len at January 27, 2005 10:00 AM | Categories: General
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