January 26, 2005

Thanks to Janine and Jon

Thanks to Janine and Jon for a good weekend. They were our first visitors (well, the first to stay with us, as my Mum and Dad and brother and sister-in-law were here last week but stayed at the Chalet St Georges hotel) and it all went very smoothly and was good fun.

We had expected it would be the usual frantic 4 day weekend of getting up for first lifts, skiing until last lift, then rushing back to change and go out in the evening, coming home, going to bed and starting all over again. That's normally the way ski weekends are because you are trying to fit so much into 4 days. Of course, for us, there is always another day to fit in those extra runs, extra beers, etc, but we were fully prepared to accommodate anyone who wanted to do the full weekend thing. As it happened, it was a pretty relaxing weekend. Janine unfortunately had hurt her back just before she came out so she didn't ski - she thought she might try after a day or so but the weather was so uninviting that she wasn't encouraged to go out! Jon was also taking it pretty easy as he wasn't keen to skiing in white out conditions, which is basically what it was for the entire weekend. Basically, it starting snowing last Tuesday (18th Jan) and didn't stop snowing until about 1 hour after they left on Monday afternoon! There was a lot of snow, which was great for skiing, but you couldn't see much, if at all. It was a bit of shame really, because it's hard to get a proper impression of a mountain resort when you can't see the scenery - which is, after all, half the point of it all. Still, I think they had a good time.

We had two nights out at local restaurants, and one night when we stayed in and roasted a chicken (which was a nice change). Janine remembered to bring her camera one night when we went out to a restaurant called La Table du Pecheur (part of the Chalet St Georges hotel)) and here is the photo the waitress took:


Jon also took a picture of us walking up the hill on the way back to the apartment afterwards (note the abundance of snow!):


They also decided to build a snowman in the car park earlier that evening (before we went out) which I said looked a bit like something from a horror movie:


Don't you think he looks evil? ;) Luckily, he was demolished the next morning by the snow plough that clears the drive!

We also paid several visits to a good Creperie in town called Chez Maria) for after-ski (or not, as the case may be) crepes. On Sunday, we took some photos in the town square on our way back.

Here's one we took of Janine and Jon:


and here's one they took of us:


All in all, a good weekend, even if the weather conditions were not very nice. Having said that, although it has been bright blue skies and fantastic visibility and views for the last two days, it has also been -12'C outside the apartment and colder on the mountain. Yesterday was apparently -35'C with the windchill and today is meant to be -40'C with windchill, so the clear weather is not necessarily an advantage (but we'll manage).

I think our phrase of the weekend sums it all up: gros bonnet!*

*French for "Top Banana" according to the Oxford Hachette French dictionary (although literally I think it means "big hat" it actually means something else!)

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