January 22, 2005

Still snowing...

It's still snowing. It seems to stop for a while some evenings, and sometimes it becomes rain at village level; it's around 0'C most of the time, just dipping slightly into negatives. It's been snowing every day now since Tuesday, so I think the lack of snow problem has been replaced by a danger of avalanche problem. On piste is fine, it's just the off piste stuff that's dangerous and not recommended at present. The "staying alive" book says that the rapid loading of snow that we've had and the warm temperatures mean a high likelihood of problems; and the yellow and black flags are flying and we're on level 4 warnings so we're staying on the piste and playing in the safe fluff for now.

Visibility varies but today it seems to be close to zero. It's interesting (in a way that can only be interesting when you're out on snowy slopes in cloud for a week) that there are two kinds of poor visibility. There's the standard can't see your hand in front of your face type of lack of distance visibility that comes from being in cloud and then there's the lack of visibility where you can see some distance but the light is so white that you can't make out any contours on the ground below you. Both make skiing more challenging; keep flexible and be ready to absorb and ride the bumps... The good thing about soft, fresh powder and not being able to ski it is that you learn fast since it's a very unforgiving environment; do something wrong and you eat snow straight away which helps you to focus on what you did wrong...

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Posted by Len at January 22, 2005 08:19 AM | Categories: General
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