January 19, 2005

Morzine vs Dijon

We drove to Morzine tonight for the ice hockey game between Morzine and Dijon. We'd been invited by Jerome Baud, the estate agent who's dealing with Chris and Hilary's property purchase in Morzine. Jerome had some tickets put aside for us, which was handy as the place was packed...


The teams came out and we both decided that Morzine had the cooler outfit ;) the red and yellow gear looked suitably menacing and the goalies had obviously been working on their "Transformers" look... The first period was eventful, Dijon scored twice and there were numerous visits to the sin bin. We managed to remember several rules from our time playing NHL Hockey on the Sega Mega Drive back in the day, so the game actually made sense to us... ;) We were a little disappointed that there weren't any full fledged, gloves off, everyone punching incidents but then we couldn't remember the button presses for that anyway...

The second period started with everyone playing at a much faster pace. Morzine scored and the whole of the second period was much more up-beat. To me it looked like Morzine had the better team play, more accurate passing, better communication, less reliance on set pieces, etc. There was less fighting that was spotted so less time in the sin bin...

The third period continued at the same heightened pace as the second and Morzine scored again near the end which sent us into extra time. Morzine then scored the winner in the second minute of (sudden death) extra time...

All in all a great game and a great atmosphere. It's always good to see a team at home; the last time I'd done this was in Perm, way, way back - that game was more violent but the toilets were worse... We've asked Jerome to let us know when the next game is, so hopefully there'll be more hockey reports soon...






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Posted by Len at January 19, 2005 11:59 PM | Categories: General , Season 1 - Photo Album
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