January 15, 2005

Ok, so I gave in and paid for it

We went looking for free WIFI that was accessible from a bar that served good beer and eventually gave up and went to the Internet Cafe, Alpinet, and paid Ä16 for 3 hours. The guy there is pretty accomodating, although he didn't have WIFI, he was happy to let me unplug one of his PCs and plug my laptop into his 4Mbit connection and time my connection usage manually (normally the PCs do the timing based on a username/password comnbo, but he can't rely on that if you plug your own gear in). I posted all of my blog back issues, caught up on my email - wanadoo only allows outgoing mail via their own smtp server so I needed to change my settings a bit (I expect these changed settings will let me send email from my PDA via the unsecured WIFI access points...).

Whilst I was busy, Miche spent an hour and half fighting with the french keyboard on one of his PCs - it's no fun having a "strange" keyboard when you can touch type... Hopefully we can reconfigure one of the PCs to think it has a QWERTY keyboard and then she can just type on trust next time...

So, finally we have posted something... More as and when...

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Posted by Len at January 15, 2005 07:24 PM | Categories: General
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