January 15, 2005

Miche's first report

Phew! It has been a hectic 12 days since we arrived and this is my first opportunity to post something to the blog. Len has been busy posting every day (sometimes more than once a day) but he has two advantages: (1) he is used to blogging and so is used to posting random stuff about random stuff ;) and (2) he has had time to do this whilst I have been getting ready to go out in the evening (since he only needs about 10 mins to get ready and I need rather longer). Anyway, excuses over, here is my first report.......

Today is the first day we haven't skiied since Wednesday 5th Jan, so my knees are ready for a rest after 10 days straight skiing. I guess our bodies will get used to all this activity during the course of the season, but for now we need to pace ourselves a little to make sure our joints keep working for the next 4 months. Anyway, a day off today gives us a chance to catch up on the other things we need to do (including this!), get some shopping in, clear up the apartment a bit, etc.

Skiing has been good so far. As Len says, the conditions have been variable, but certainly skiiable. Plus it's not a bad thing to start off skiing on hard pack conditions, as it makes you hone your technique to cope with it, rather than doing the usual lazy, crusing style that you get away with on nice soft snow but which lulls you into a false sense of security (which is then cruely dispelled as soon as some icy conditions come along and you fall flat on your face!). Having a week of lessons with Lucy has helped a lot in that regard. On Warren's courses in September and December (that's with the Warren Smith Ski Academy) we were mostly concentrating on techniques for steeps and moguls, so there was lots of emphasis on pivoting flat skis and not so much on carving and/or general "cruising" techniques. Lucy's lessons focussed quite a lot on strategies for improving our edge grip.

My parents and brother (Chris) and sister-in-law (Hilary) were all here for a week last week. Unforunately, Hilary couldn't ski because she is 7 months pregnant. She is a keen skiier, so that must have been hard for her. Luckily, she is also a keen advocate of lie-ins in the morning, so was able to indulge in that hobby as an alternative! Also, Megève is well set up to cater for people who "Like to lunch" but without having to ski. So there are lots of mountain restuarants you can get to by foot and cable car/bubble. The advantage of that is that you can all meet up for lunch and non-skiiers get to see the great views from the top of the mountain which often only the skiiers get to appreciate. Megève has some great mountain restaurants which means lunchtime is much more of an event that in other resorts I have skiied. My favourite at the moment is L'Alpette - huge sunny terrace, great food, fab views. It also has a great dessert buffet at lunchtime.

We have also had some good evening meals out this week. Because my family have been here, we have been out every night so have been to quite a few of Megève's restauarnts already, but still plenty more to go. But having eaten out for 7 nights on the trot, we are now ready for a few meals at home. Will probably save most of the eating out for when friends and family are visiting. That way, we might avoid ending up the size of small houses (I say "might"!) and completely broke by the end of April. Also, our kitchen in the apartment is very small, so I think we are unlikely to cook in many nights when we have guests, unless it's something very simple like some pasta, etc.

Today's plans involve stocking up the fridge, finding an internet cafe to post our blogs and send some emails and generally chilling out. It's a beautiful sunny day outside and we have great views from our balconies..... this is the life.

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