January 09, 2005

Freespot - wifi

I walked another quarter of the village this evening with the pda in wifi detect mode. Unfortunately both the bar that's supposed to have internet access and the internet cafe were closed. I located numerous access points; mostly pay per go SFR points and locked down shops. One access point was open and named in such a way that it's likely that it's supposed to be open rather than just poorly secured - Freespot.

I downloaded my email - once again by standing on a street corner with my PDA which is less than ideal. Once the email was down I checked outgoing connectivity but there was some wierdness going on which made outbound SMTP unavailable - could be my set up, could be theirs. Webmail worked fine but was, of course, a pain to use from the PDA.

After all of that I switched back to WIFI Graph and paced around looking for the strongest signal for Freespot and trying to work out if there was a bar nearby that I could instal myself in with the laptop... No luck, but I ran out of time as everyone else was through with their drinking and wanting to go for food.

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Posted by Len at January 9, 2005 10:00 PM | Categories: General
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