January 08, 2005

Dehydration and tiredness

We've been finding it difficult to get up in the mornings - no strange thing there, but we haven't been skiing hard and we haven't been partying hard and well, we should be doing better. Tonight we have our first visitors in town, so we'll need to be up and about early tomorrow as they'll want to hit the slopes earlier than we have been...

We're currently wondering if the tiredness is partly due to dehydration rather than us just being lazy arses who're kicking back a little too much.... We both carry hydration systems in our back packs and usually end up drinking most of what we carry during the day but neither of us is drinking as much water as we were in the UK; and in the UK we weren't exercising this much... What with a beer with lunch and a few apre ski drinks and the fact that the apartment only has small glasses we're not drinking enough water... We'll try and rectify this situation in the coming days, but right now we're not exactly enthralled at the idea of being up for first lifts from tomorrow onwards...

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Posted by Len at January 8, 2005 05:41 PM | Categories: General
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