January 04, 2005

Unpack and chill

After our arrival pizza we unpacked just enough to make up our bed and get to the essentials then we hit the sack. We set the alarm for 9am and turned it off and slept on until around 11.30. (I must own up to having got up at 8am and glanced out of the window and decided that since there was no fresh snow it was OK to sleep in...). When we finally crawled out from under the duvet we discovered that the alarm clock had decided that it was still in the UK and had reset itself to UK time overnight so it was actually an hour later than we expected...

The rest of the day was spent unpacking. Michelle wants to know why she brought so many jumpers... The apartment is a fair size but it's smaller than home and so we initially wondered if we'd manage to fit everything in... Eventually we managed to stash most of the stuff somewhere though what we'll do when we have our first overnight guests I don't know... During the unpacking I set up my PDA to search for WIFI... I was hoping that a neighbour might have an access point that leaked into our apartment, no such luck so I'll have to go searching the town for WIFI or find an internet cafe...

After most of the unpacking was done we decided we needed to stock the cupboards a bit, and get some beer... We drove down to the Carrefour in Sallanches, not the nearest supermarket but the largest and, well, probably the cheapest. Time went all strange on us and it seems like we spent around 2.5 hours in there, most odd. We returned with beer and other stuff and decided that we'd eat in. We cooked veggie pasta, a welcome relief after the excesses of Christmas... The kitchen is 'compact', quite a change from our kitchen at home, but we managed. The electric hob was interesting, we're used to gas, it seemed to have a real problem bringing the pasta water to the boil (and there I was thinking that water boiled at a lower temperature at altitude...). During the prep and cooking I hooked up the iPod to the apartment's music system after realising I brought the wrong set of speakers (we have two identical sets of portable Sony speakers and one set crackles and pops and generally sounds like it has a bad connection somewhere. When I tested them at home the pair I packed was fine, now there not, still, at least the apartment's stereo has a line in.).

Once we'd eaten I unpacked the PS2 and played around with cables and settings until both the game system and the DVD playback were colours other than green. Once the DVD player was operational we watched the first episode of Firefly, which was pretty good Sci-Fi. It seems we'll mostly be watching 24, The West Wing and Firefly, though we have some films as well.

I think we're settling in.

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Posted by Len at January 4, 2005 05:11 PM | Categories: General
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