January 03, 2005

The drive

The journey from Miche's parent's place in Sevenoaks, Kent, to Megève was pretty easy. We left at 7.00am and caught the 8.40 EuroTunnel train. The journey was uneventful, the roads in France were pretty quiet and we reached Megève after around 9 and a half hours in France, including 4 or 5 stops.

During the train journey we put one of the French Sat-Nav disks in the unit under the passenger seat. We were lucky that we could still get to the Sat-Nav system as the car was rather fully loaded but we managed to pull the seat fully forward without the whole backseat packing extravaganza falling apart. The French Sat-Nav stuff came on 3 disks; which, at first, seemed a bit bizarre, it turns out that each disk contains all of the main roads in France and a section at high detail level (i.e. towns and cities). We had envisaged having to somehow change disks mid trip but, in fact, we only had to put in the disk that had the detail section for Megève and we were done. Once in France we set off for Reims and were a bit disappointed to find that we couldn't set our destination on the Sat-Nav... After a while we stopped at a service station and, after restarting the car, we could set our destination in Megève to within few hundred yards of the apartment. We assumed the earlier problem was a "turn it off and turn it on again" thing but later reading of the manual (it was a long journey and most of the interesting reading was packed away in the back) explained that you cant play with the menus on the Sat-Nav when the car is moving at more than 8mph - not even the passenger can play... :(

Of course, once we found the apartment we had to unpack, or, at the very least, unload. Unloading wasn't too bad a job, grab all the stuff from the car and shove it into the apartment... Once we'd unloaded we found the covered parking and had our first and only problem of the journey. The car with the roof box on top was too tall to fit in the garage... We had been warned that this could be the case, so at least we were prepared. We removed the roof box, and stuck it on one of the apartmentís balconies. We had brought a ski rack to use in resort, the box was just for the journey here and home.

By this stage we were famished. We had been given a recommendation for a local pizza place by the owners of the apartment and, well, pizza as the first meal in a ski resort is a bit of a tradition for us. We jumped in the car, drove up to the pizza place and got some take away. Back at the apartment we celebrated our arrival with pizza and wine. We'd arrived.

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Posted by Len at January 3, 2005 11:00 PM | Categories: General
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