December 19, 2004

Good Customer Service from Oakley

I had good Customer Service from Oakley recently on a pair of returned sunglasses. Although they were out of warranty, I had sent them back for repair after the frame had snapped just below the right lens.

I think my sunglasses originally snapped when I took them off over my head and accidentally extended the arms back too far - not a good idea in cold weather. I glued them back together but of course managed to perform the same manoeuvre again in the cold on the next ski trip, so they broke again. Anyway, Oakley said that because they no longer offered that model, nor carried spare parts, they couldn't repair them. However, they offered a trade in on the broken pair in return for a 40% discount on a new pair from the current range. In fact, although I had seen a pair I quite liked when at the Daily Mail Ski Show, since I had recently decided to switch to goggles for skiing rather than sunglasses - better helmet compatibility and more of my face covered up from the sun (important when you are going skiing for 4 months and don't want to get wrinkles...)). So I bought Oakley A Frame goggles with a fire iridium lens for bright light - the ones which Len said made me look like a cylon from Battlestar Gallactica... (see Pictures from Verbier) :) As a result, I decided not to trade mine glasses in for a 40% discount - 40% off a £129 pair of glasses still costs quite a bit - and asked for them to be returned to me. They are still wearable for apres ski - just not very dependable in ski conditions, but that doesn't matter so much now I am going to be wearing goggles. Oakley told me the trade in offer would remain, so if I saw some Oakley glasses that I wanted at a later date, I could still return my broken ones and get the discount. I thought that was pretty good service.

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Posted by Miche at December 19, 2004 09:55 PM | Categories: General
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