November 16, 2004

Goodbye old friends?

I've had a pair of Salomon X-Scream Series since around 2001 and been very happy with them. I've probably done about 12 or 13 weeks on them now, and I've been starting to look for something newer. I put them in for a service this weekend to get them ready for our warm up trip to Verbier and had a call today from the service technician saying that one of the tips was bent and that he didn't think they were worth servicing...

Apparently it's quite a subtle bend but it affects the edging of the front of the ski and, he says, whilst they'd be ok in soft snow they probably wont hold an edge on hard pack. I told him to service them anyway and that I'd use them off piste and on days when I didn't want a new pair out with me...

I'm glad I don't have pets, I'm sure that having to have one put down would feel worse than this, but only just...

Even though I was just about starting to plan for a new pair I wasn't quite ready to let go of the old pair. I hadn't taken any new skis out for a spin yet - not yet unfaithful. It was just an idea, but now it has to become reality because if the ski tech is right then they wonít be much use to me in Verbier.

I can console myself that I wanted newer, shorter skis and that even though I would have liked to think that I'd take the old ones out for a spin every now and again I probably wouldn't have. Instead, like my old Salomon Superforce 9.1 2s I'd have left them in the loft, a memory of tracks once blazed.

So, today I looked at the newer models; the pretty young things on this year's catwalk... Right now I'd quite fancy taking out the Atomic R11's, the Rossi B2's, Atomic SX11's and the Volkl Five Star's. I expect I'll leave all that to the Megève trip and try and borrow Miche's brother Chrisí X-Screams for the Verbier trip as they're identical to the ones I'm about to put out to pasture.

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Posted by Len at November 16, 2004 10:25 PM | Categories: General
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