November 15, 2004

Megève -> Mammoth -> Patagonia

So, there we were, practicing some après ski at the Drunken Monkey and doing the Sunday night Dim Sum thing when we wondered what to do between the end of the trip, May, and the start of the season in the South America, mid June... I guess it was the Warren Smith movie that we'd watched in the afternoon, Snow's in the House II, that had started us thinking...

We're both doing pre trip exercises to increase flexibility and core strength, not something I usually bother with but our Chiropractor recommends it as a way to make his adjustments stick and not bothering would mean I was just hosing money away at the Chiro... Anyway, if I'm not careful I won’t be able to rely on my lazy skiing technique and I might find that Miche is out skiing me... So, to help the exercise time pass more easily we've been digging out our ski DVDs and videos and watching whilst we work out. Snow's in the House II has a section on skiing in Argentina with Peak Leaders and they just happened to mention that the season there was from mid June to October...

When we were originally trying to work out where to go for our season we considered some of the "gap year/career break" ski instructor courses but decided that, to be honest, they all looked too much like hard work. We wanted less structure, less work and more time for people to visit. What's more we needed to be in Dublin in mid Feb for a wedding and we thought that some of the courses looked a little young. So, over a beer in the Monkey, we were thinking about our diary (which seems to have become more of a "booking planner") and we wistfully started to think about a trip with fewer visits and a bit more structure... ;) But what to do between the end of the Megève trip and the start of the season in Argentina...

We've skied in Mammoth mountain in June before. It was right at the tail end of the season, a last minute sneaky week. Sitting on the deck of the hotel up at the main lift station, drinking après ski beer and watching the snow machines take apart the snow board park and spread it across the green patches so that we could ski for one more day... Given that Mammoth has had a wonderful early start this year there's hope they'll still be skiing into June and, well, California is kinda on the way to Patagonia...

If the whole Megève thing hadn't started off with similar wishful thinking then it wouldn't be quite so worrying... I guess we should aim to get the flat sold before May and get our CASI 2 in time to work at Sunshine in 2006...

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Posted by Len at November 15, 2004 10:18 PM | Categories: General

So wait a minute. You're going to s. America after the end of the season? Doing an endless winter?

Posted by: Christopher Baus at November 16, 2004 01:13 AM

Probably not, it's just beer induced dreaming at present... But then that's how this trip started...

Posted by: Len at November 16, 2004 10:44 AM

There certainly is nothing like the Sierra in the Spring. The California sunshine only gets brighter at 10000ft.

I remember the Spring of 99. It was a huge year in the Sierra and I had just move here. It was June, and there as still 10 feet of snow. I'm not exagerating. Some friends of mine got together to go to Heavenly in morning. When the snow got too slushy, we packed up, had a few beers, and went to the beach.

That day, I decided I could never leave.

If you do make it out to Mammoth, we will certainly have to get together for some corn snow turns.

Posted by: Christopher Baus at November 16, 2004 08:46 PM

We've done two last minute one week trips to Mammoth in late season and both have been excellent. It's a long way to travel from London for a week but, even allowing for the drive from LA, it's worth it.

The last time we did it the mountain closed on the Thursday of the week we were there; we knew it was a possibility so it wasn't too bad. There was still great skiing but the runs back to the lodge were getting very thin and when the snow park was all used up there was no way to extend the thin strips of snow so they shut the lifts and started to switch the place over for mountain biking. We hiked on the last day and had a great time.

I'll let you know if we end up heading out your way :)

Posted by: Len at November 16, 2004 10:29 PM

We weren't watching Snow's in the House 2 on Sunday, it was Snowriders II (i.e. the other Warren who makes films - Warren Miller). Both are good but it's the Warren Miller films that say things like "Whatever your day job, pack up everything into a truck and move to a ski resort because if you don't do it this year, you'll be even older when you finally do it..... (etc)"

Posted by: Miche at November 17, 2004 05:15 PM

Sunshine has better snow and is bigger than Lake Louise and Norquay. Shame they are all 20-40 minutes from Banff itself. Still that's what a car is for ;) And Calgary is only 90 minutes away....

Posted by: Barry at December 2, 2004 08:42 AM
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